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Srila Gurudeva Blesses The Communications Workshops

Posted on 01/16/11 by Raghava No Comments

… , to help the devotees to become leaders in communication, and to train others so that everyone will feel encouraged to work together in harmony without conflicts, and to bring each other up to our highest potential of service to you. [...]

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In Srila Gurudeva’s Words

Posted on 12/21/10 by Raghava 1 Comment

by Swami BV Nemi There is quite a bit of discussion just now about Srila Gurudeva’s instruction on harmony. Syamarani Didi and I started working on a book of Srila Gurudeva’s lectures on this subject. In the course of that we took some really choice, succinct instructions, and made a small booklet, which was distributed [...]

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