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Srila Gurudeva Blesses The Communications Workshops

Posted on 01/16/11 by Raghava No Comments

… , to help the devotees to become leaders in communication, and to train others so that everyone will feel encouraged to work together in harmony without conflicts, and to bring each other up to our highest potential of service to you. [...]

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What is Non Violent Communication?

Posted on 12/21/10 by Raghava 1 Comment

In this video Srimati Syamarani didi speaks about what Srila Gurudeva calls the “platform for bhakti”, which is our need to learn how to interact with others to have more fulfilling relationships. [...]

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Titans of Yoga – a magical journey of self-discovery and transformation

Posted on 12/21/10 by Raghava No Comments

TITANS OF YOGA takes you on a magical journey of self-discovery and transformation. Learn how the greats of yoga and meditation transformed their biggest challenges in life into their greatest victories. [...]

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